Hello fellow traveler!

It’s fair to say that we are all walking billboards of our own unique personality. We advertise what we believe is right, what we condemn and what we aspire to be. If that’s so, this small corner of the web is a testament to what I stand for. This includes – but is not limited to:


  • Self-actualization – to be in a state of constant learning and personal transcendence.
  • Collaboration – to combine different disciplines and individual aspirations into a fresh perspective on consumer insight and experience.
  • Creative thinking –  to find solutions for timeworn challenges in the way people interact with each other and in their relationship with brands, products and services.
  • Practicality – to pursue actionable goals that help companies succeed and improve costumer experience.
  • Dynamism – to be one with the environment in the face of adversity and rising challenges.


In practice, this means in a typical day I strive to:


  • Experience new points of view and grow each step of the way.
  • Work with others to explore the determinants of brand strategy and user experience.
  • Challenge established assumptions and push the boundaries of what is possible.
  • Develop and deliver on tangible goals and achieve practical results.
  • Overcome difficulties and adapt effectively to the existing circumstances.


At the moment I’m looking for new learning opportunities in the context of  brand strategy and user experience. In particular, I’m exploring how concepts from the social sciences can be used to create meaningful experiences and build strong brand narratives.
Here you will find where I come from, what are my views on brands and behavior, what I’m passionate about and how to get in touch.
I hope to hear from you!